Invest with Transparency

At RCI Fund we take pride in providing full real-time access to our trading history to all of our investors. All of our trades are recorded on the blockchain and our track record can be publicly verified.


Our primary goal is to provide steady 15% per year dividends to our investors. We generate these returns via proof-of-stake mining. Many decentralized financial applications, enable staking of our tokens in order to receive the pro-rata ratio of transaction fees generated on the application.


We believe that crypto native assets like bitcoin, Ethereum will have bigger impact on humanity than internet. We hold exposure to these crypto assets to 30% of our portfolio, that can provide capital gains. In this smaller portion of our portfolio, we aspire to find smaller crypto assets that can perform like ‘next bitcoin’.


Bitcoin is a great hedge against central banks. Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins where as fiat money can be indefinitely printed, infinitely diluting the purchasing power of money. After the emergence of COVID-19 central banks all around the world have been printing trillions of dollars, devaluing currencies. Our portfolio is ideally suited to hedge against money printing.


We post latest news, blog content, and what RCIF has been involved with lately. Disclaimer *this should not be considered financial advice*.

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