July 2018 Commentary

April 6, 2020

Date of the Post: April 1st, 2020

At Rose City Income Fund, we are focused on generating income for our investors. We generate income from operating digital toll-booths. These toll-booths collect fees whether the market goes high or low. We employ market-neutral strategies, that produce reliable income. One of our Portfolio holdings is Synthetix, which we were buying last year at $0.5 cents. We got another opportunity to add more this year in March.

Our weekly income generation data is written on to the blockchain. All of this information is already public and can be verified by anyone anytime. Here is the link for the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QU47tR4eK0fD2ySaP88LM9U46vD7p6mt80KSfqu00DI/edit#gid=366963260

Today we have received 52.96 SUSD tokens and 1978.55 SNX tokens. In order to receive we have staked, 171311.47 tokens of SNX. The calculations of yield are shown in the screenshot below.

  • All the data is public and anyone can verify our track record including the time-stamp and the rewards generated are calculated to the 18th decimal place.  This is untamperable and publicly verifiable by anyone anywhere in the world.
  • What this shows you is: 
    Col A: time stamp of the transaction
    Col B: The amount of SUSD we received as our share of transaction fees
    Col C: The amount of SNX tokens as our share of transaction fees
    Col D: Price of SNX on the date of transaction. This is manually entered by me, but can be verified.
    Col E: The total number of SNX tokens staked on that date
    Col F:  Mining income is calculated as Col B + Col C * Col D (susd + snx * mkt price)
    Col G: $ value of SNX staked. Col E * Col D ( staked tokens * mkt price in $)
    Col H: Weekly yield calculated my Col F / Col G ( staking income / $ value of staked tokens)
    Col I:   Annual yield (1+ Col H/100) ^52  ( weekly yield rate to the 52nd power -1)
    Col J: Etherscan is a public website to verify a transaction on Ethereum blockchain.