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Persistent Low Savings From Banks

Rose City Income Fund (RCIF) was born on October 1st,2017. Currently number of retirees are unable to generate any income from their savings. Most banks do not offer an interest rate higher than 0.5% per year. This is barely even sufficient to generate a sustainable income to pay for their daily living expenses.

Average Interest Rates in the United States:

  • Checking Account rate: 0.06%
  • Bank Savings Account rate: 0.09%
  • Money Market rate: 0.16%

Earn Income With Exposure to Crypto Assets

Investors are unable to earn interest in sovereign bonds, with $15 trillion dollars’ worth of bonds yielding negative interest. In the midst of this low rate environment, Coronavirus has changed the investment landscape profoundly. Our goal is to provide a steady income to our investors every month, while providing the upside to the crypto markets.

  • Our number one goal is to provide a steady 15% per year in distribution, payable monthly
  • We are focused on capital preservation.
  • We believe that crypto assets (like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) will have bigger impact on humanity than internet. We want our investors to capture the upside from the growth of blockchain applications.
  • We invest along with our investors. We eat our own cooking.
  • We actively seek to hold tokens that are built to solve current, real-world, quantitative problems. We seek to find the ‘next bitcoin’ that can provide us with 100x returns.