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Our Investment Methodology

RCIF is a liquid income fund. Our objective is to generate a steady distribution of 15% per year, which is paid out to investors on a monthly basis. We intend to use market-neutral strategies that provide good income both in a bull market as well as a bear market. We see ourselves as an annuity. You invest a set amount of money today in exchange for a stream of monthly income. An investor, who invests $100,000 should expect to receive $1250 per month or $15,000 per year in perpetuity from RCIF. We achieve these steady returns via proof-of-stake mining.

Proof-of-stake mining

We deploy 70% of our capital into crypto assets that generate monthly income via proof of stake mining. This reduces volatility, and produces a steady income of 15% per year, as we diversify into other assets like bitcoin, Ethereum.

This steady distribution provides downside protection. The other 30% of the portfolio, contains a diversified basket of crypto assets like bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other promising crypto assets.